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Pleasure is none, if not diversified. - John Donne

Pleasure's couch is virtue's grave. - Augustine J. Duganne

Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure, when he is really selling himself to it. - Benjamin Franklin

Our pleasures are short, and can only charm at intervals; love is a method of protraction our greatest pleasure. - Oliver Goldsmith

Even the worse of jobs has their pleasures, if I were a grave digger or a hangmen, there are some people I could work for with a great deal of enjoyment. - Douglas William Jerrold

No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures. - Samuel Johnson

The pleasures of the world are deceitful; they promise more than they give. They trouble us in seeking them, they do not satisfy us when possessing them and they make us despair in losing them. - Madame De Lambert

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it. - Mary Little

Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones. - Seneca

The vocabulary of pleasure depends on the imagery of pain. - Marina Warner

All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening. - Alexander Woollcott

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain. - Aristotle

Pleasure only starts once the worm has got into the fruit, to become delightful happiness must be tainted with poison. - Georges Bataille

Draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, and express your pleasure strongly. - Pierre Bonnard

The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business. - Aaron Burr

To make pleasures pleasant shorten them. - Charles Buxton

Pleasure is a necessary reciprocal. No one feels, who does not at the same time give it. To be pleased, one must please. What pleases you in others, will in general please them in you. - Lord Chesterfield

In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures. - Marcus T. Cicero

Pleasure is a shadow, wealth is vanity, and power a pageant; but knowledge is ecstatic in enjoyment, perennial in frame, unlimited in space and indefinite in duration. - De Witt Clinton

As clouds are blown away by the wind, the thirst for material pleasures will be driven away by the utterance of the Lord's name. - Sri Sarada Devi


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