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Solitude: a sweet absence of looks. - Milan Kundera

Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

To have a quiet mind is to possess one's mind wholly; to have a calm spirit is to possess one's self. - Hamilton Mabie

Solitude begets whimsies. - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

If you are afraid of being lonely, don't try to be right. - Jules Renard

Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Lincoln never saw a movie, heard a radio, or looked at a TV They had loneliness and knew what to do with it. They were not afraid of being lonely because they knew that was when the creative mood in them would mark. - Carl Sa

In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself. - Laurence Sterne

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment. - Henry David Thoreau

You have already failed if you need a lot of inspectors. - Source Unknown

To be exempt from the passions with which others are tormented, is the only pleasing solitude. - Joseph Addison

The right to be alone -- the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by civilized man. - Louis D. Brandeis

No matter how close to yours another's steps have grown, in the end there is one dance you'll do alone. - Jackson Browne

The worst vice of the solitary is the worship of his food. - Cyril Connolly

Oh to have a lodge in some vast wilderness. Where rumors of oppression and deceit, of unsuccessful and successful wars may never reach me anymore. - William Cowper

I'm still the little southern girl from the wrong side of the tracks who really didn't feel like she belonged. - Faye Dunaway

Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature. - Albert Einstein

Conversation enriches the understanding; but solitude is the school of genius. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I want to be left alone. - Greta Garbo

In solitude, be a multitude to thyself. Tibullus by all means use sometimes to be alone. - George Herbert

There is convincing evidence that the search for solitude is not a luxury but a biological need. Just as humans posses a herding instinct that keeps us close to others most of the time, we also have a conflicting drive to seek out solitude. If the distance between ourselves and others becomes too great, we experience isolation and alienation, yet if the proximity to others becomes too close, we feel smothered and trapped. - Jeffrey Kottler


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